Sharp & shallow

The Pallas 28/2,5

Yessss!! From now I’ll be shooting with primarily prime-lenses. And here I’m talking about Fujinon XF as well as some vintage standard-lenses and tele’s. They’ll be mounted on a Fujifilm X-e1 body which allows me to work on the conservative way in meaning of aperture and focussing for instance.

The lens shown above is a Pallas 28mm  f2.5 in a for this lens very rare edition because of the Sears-shaped focus- and aperture-ring, where the aperture is even in silver (looks nice in combination with the camera). This guy is in brand-new condition! As you see, I’ll try to keep all gear in Japanese origin for now.

Despite wanting a Fuji for so long, it will take a while to get used and to get familiar with the menu’s and features of it, so I went out to the streets and underground briefly, and shot some pics.

Soft & subtile; Auto Pallas 28mm  f2.5
DSCF7090  This is my first shot with both lens (manual, and with wide-open aperture because of the lack of available light) and body, so it’s not in focus yet.

In color-mode I shot some pics after cleaning my mother’s yacht (together) to check the White Balance;

Steady & saturaded; Soligor 300/5.5

DSCF0117The same I did with my Soligor 300mm f5.5 (also in a brand-new condition as well as the Sears-shaped edition) wich, because of the crop-factor on the APS-C sensor brings you to 428mm. This was to practice focussing and steady hands on a tank of a lens like her; I wasn’t disappointed at all. Despite the low exposure on the last shot, but that isn’t to blame on the Soligor nor the Fuji. The man on the trigger isn’t flawless you know..? Mind that the aperture here was like f11 to f16.


She’s a real beauty on the Fuji X!
Sharp & shallow; Fujinon XF 35mm f1.4

DSCF7236This one just arrived, and I can’t show you any results on this amazingly fast AF/M lens yet, but I can tell you she’s bright, sharp and shallow if you want her to!

Just an example in a non-prepared shot on a laptop keyboard;


Look at the shallow dept of field at f1.4! This offers a lot of fun!
The profit of double exposure

Double exposures are always fun. In particular when you shoot portrait-size pictures of people in embarrassing situations or in bad exposure-conditions, which doesn’t bring them in forma optimum.

Esther for instance, who bought new sports-glasses for boot-camping on the pics below, never wants me to use photographs of her because she always finds a detail in her hair or in her expression. This time she was satisfied;

 Regular shot

esther double

 This one she likes!

My father who was in the hospital wasn’t too happy with a photo, so I choose a double exposure and a shadowy side;

The glass-screen effect does make it more dramatically without showing every detail on his expression 


Can’t tell you how happy I am with this gear

Keep you updated soon!



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