Today was a surfing-day

DSCF7388Today I tried my Soligor 300mm lens at the surf beach just to get the focus right. Important thing with manual lenses is that you set your diopter right. For that you’ll need an autofocus lens first, to check your eye and diopter position. Don’t think you can easily calibrate it by focussing on the lcd-screen, so always take an AF lens with you if you don’t know the correct position of your diopter when shooting manually. Because if it’s off-set and you don’t check your pics on the screen once in a while like me, than you’re s*****d.

The nice thing about Fuji is the possibility to adjust the White Balance to your personal preference. And here I don’t mean different programmed WB modes, but really customizing it. Also in auto-WB mode! It took me a while to find out how to play with it, and noticed how little time it takes on this camera.



The Custom WB is a very nice and simple tool to personalize your preferences.





The Soligor did quite good. With an aperture of f8 to f16 she’s easy to focus, and on distances like this it takes very tiny adjustment on the focus-ring. However, for me it’s still getting used to.



Keep you updated soon!



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