Today was Japanese

Japanese photographic manufacture is like a Japanese garden; It’s roots and structure lies way back ages, and remains maintained and supported with stringent care and ancient philosophy.

On my way back home today I decided to make a detour and try some more with my new standard lenses (and new body, moreover).

The weather was sad and cloudy and  rain was coming of and on. Not a bad condition for  flowers and green in half-density forests though.

The Japanese garden of Clingendael is open in this time of year, although for a short period, so I went into the soft illuminated and shadowy garden of Clingendael. Met some photo-friends here by the way, who we’re better prepared than I was, but that didn’t bother me (as well as them) while I happened to be here unplanned. Which means no tripod. S**t!

Even a small little tripod would be nice here. Silly me!



So I mounted the $25 auto Pallas 28/2.5 at first:


I like the mysrerious lady in pink at left. Think she was holding her step for me.

DSCF7385 2

Fujifilm Velvia can give a very strong saturaded color and high contrast


There is something about this sexy old lens; she suffices. Apparently as well on the Fuji X. Isn’t that great!



Time for the 35/1.4 Fujinon and try some shallow DOF and macro:


This was a nice setting to see what your glass does in shadowy conditions as well as dimmed daylight of course. The macro-pics we’re shot with quite open aperture I think. That’s why she stays so soft around the focus-centre. Like the softness as the Pallas can make in certain circumstances. They’re a couple now. For me though…




Keep you updated soon!




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