Maverick operator

Intractability is a hallmark and a handicap in general, but in some cases authenticity stands for quality. I have always considered myself a non conformist on several grounds, and tried to adapt for the most part as I could go. Still I can be quite persistent on certain issues wherefore I have a sea of patience at my disposal. When it comes to choosing a camera system for instance.

Sometimes intractability proves right. On this point I refer to my recent camera-purchase in case of Fuji X. These body’s are fundamentally different from other system and DSLR camera’s. 

No programs

First of all it doesn’t have any A, S and P position on the  shutter dial. This irregular approach doesn’t literally rule out this particular mode of operation, but leaves the photographer more capacity to keep his affect on the leverage of various parameters within its specific ranges. It provides a more conservative process for the maverick photographer who wants an accurate and comparative measuring without loosing his supervision on different values like large shutter speeds or extremely high ISO’s.

Regular dials;

Instead of using an A, S or P program you just turn the aperture-ring to the A-position (which is S-mode on a regular camera-dial) to have the diaphragm value automatically running, or you can switch the shutter speed-wheel to the A-position (which is A-mode on a regular camera-dial) to have the shutter speed-value automatically selected, and to have the camera apply the ISO-value for you, and you can use the Auto-ISO position in your quick-menu which you can adjust to your personal customized limits beforehand. Minimum and maximum ISO can be selected, as well as minimum shutter speed.

Fuji X approach;

For the manual operating photographer the Fuji X bodies are provided with old-fashion instrument switches like the vintage shutter speed dial, an exposure compensation dial at your thumb position, an aperture ring on the Fujinon XF lenses, and a mechanically like focus mode selector at the front bottom which you can handle with your left hand (I personally like it when you can use your left hand too) to AF, MF and continuous focus. 

Custom White Balance

Nice feature on the Fuji X is the ability to customize the WB (White Balance) to your personal preference, even in auto-mode! Furthermore you can correct the peripheral illumination, color shading and barrel or pincushion distortion of your vintage lens by using the Mount adapter settings.



The lens correction in Mount adapter settings and Auto-ISO control are originally X-E2 features, which comes with the firmware update V2.20, as well as the “Focus Peak Highlight” in MF-mode (which comes from the X-100 S) as well as the faster AF etc. The Fujinon 35mm 1.4 lens has its own firmware update V3.10 which makes it faster at AF.

Like I say; Fuji X are mavericks!





Keep you updated soon!





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