Catch of the day, along the way


Some catch on the way today.

If you never have fired a 1.4 before (like me) you just can’t get enough of it! I know it’s silly to shoot in wide-open aperture on a macro photo, but I couldn’t resist. Because of the sunlight I used a pola-filter (CPL) to slightly adjust the exposure .


Field Scabious

I like the haziness in the white edges on the border of this flower


Love the colors...

Love the colors…


...and the bokeh too.

…and the bokeh too.



This isn't processed. This is Fuji Velvia...

This isn’t processed. This is Fuji Velvia…


...which makes the red difficult to focus.

…which makes the red a little wretchy to focus.


The poppy’s we’re captured on the N14 near Marlot. Caught the bees with the Field Scabious (Knautia arvensis) on a parking at Westersingel in Rotterdam.


Keep you updated soon!






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