Louwman Museum

I’m no car photographer. But this time I pretended to be one. Just for fun, and not to get free access or anything. Just to get this clear…


Today I was into shooting and because of the bright and fierce sunlight outside I choose to go to the museum. The Louwman Museum in case. It’s quite nearby and easy to travel. Wanted to travel light, and stuck two standard lenses and bodies with me and left off. If I had known there was so little light (which is beautiful by the way) I would have brought a tripod.

Aston Martin


The famous ‘Bond’ Aston Martin


For me it was a challenge to get it all into a proper frame with a 28mm and 35mm focal length, by lack of an actual 28mm (18mm on APS-C). These lenses are in actual focal length the equivalent of 42 mm and 55mm on a 35mm full-frame camera, so that doesn’t leave you much space indoors.


DUESENBERG MODEL SJ LAGRANDE DUAL-COWL PHAETON  1935 Dit is de enige SJ met een LaGrande-carrosserie. Naar verluid de duurste auto ter wereld!



Nevertheless it was fun! But most difficult too, you know.. If you think to have a nice picture of the Aston Martin, it turns out you forgot to aim the reflection of the lights below the windshield wipers instead of having it on the windscreen for instance. And around every car there’s a 50cm high spacing-wire which you don’t want to see on your photo’s, where it restricts your working space too. Some items are placed behind glass which makes it hard to focus and to keep reflection out. No critics on the museum though… It was beautiful. Especially the way the Duesenberg was displayed. And several others off course…


...behind you!

…behind you!

The most part is shot with the Soligor 28/2.5 (Fuji X-E1) others with the 35/1.4 Fujinon.

Jaguar XK120

Jaguar 3,4 liter zescilinder

Jaguar XK 120 Fixed Head Coupé 1952


Keep you updated soon!





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