Nuclear Density

Yesterday I shot some beachscapes again, but this time to try out a few frames in a powerful ND (Neutral Density) filter to establish a slightly longer shutter speed. Reason for that was the strong wind and the fierce evening light.

Neutral Density

Applied in backlighting like the following frames, the Neutral Density filter displays a scene in almost Nuclear Density!

You can click on the images for full-size display.







Creamy focus

Now, the next three frames we’re taken in exposures of a few seconds. The advantage of the strong wind was, although I have a steady tripod, that it trembles the camera a little bit. Therefor you will get pictures which are slightly moved and therefore creamy focussed. While the sand and water are faded because of the long exposure anyway, this is the result.


End of season…

Looks like Edward Hopper paintings this way.

DSCF9172KIn this frame the light seems to come from behind the Pier while the structure itself is well exposed from our perspective.


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