Majestic Utility

Last saturday we (Esther and me) we’re invited to come and see Ulysse (nowadays Majestic Utility; Jazz x Rouletto) by Charlotte. She’s training him for the last four months now, and we haven’t seen him for several years (it’s a long and complicated story).

Charlotte Kruininger

To cut the story short, we we’re happy to come and visit him, and to see how Charlotte trains and grooms Ulysse the way we did. Did he recognize us? I don’t know, but he was happy to see us. That’s what I registered. By camera apparently…

Ulysse afdruk (2)


It all starts with preparation,

Ulysse afdruk-15


and a long walk-out after several canter-laps…

Ulysse afdruk-3 (2)


…before training.

Ulysse afdruk-6 (2)

Now Ulysse is a waterhorse, and he hasn’t changed a piece. Here you can see him after work-out, and the pretty thing about this picture is the focus on his eyes, while the water is bright and firmly faded, while Charlotte on the other hand is well exposed but flawlessly diffused, which makes it a contrasty picture, with both subjects  applicable displayed.

Ulysse afdruk-18



Ulysse afdruk-23



Ulysse afdruk-29


Now, horse riding is a play between two characters, so I tried to capture the other half of happiness by shooting Charlotte likewise.

Ulysse afdruk-34


Horseriding is all about grooming. The picture tell’s the story.

Ulysse afdruk-37


And proper grooming makes proper chemistry…

Ulysse afdruk-35



Ulysse afdruk-12



Ulysse afdruk-5



Ulysse afdruk-7

It was nice to see he hasn’t chanched a bit.



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