On the jetty: The corporal’s wife

While shooting (surfers) from the jetty sometimes poses just come to you. In this case I headed back up from the bottom of the seawall after the sun gone down, to wrap up my stuff and return home, when a lady on a cinder block caught my attention. As fast as possible I installed my tripod and mounted the 85mm to catch her from about 25 metres in a horrible twilight. Getting closer wasn’t an option because a momentum like this is transient; As soon as the subject moves, it’s dissolved forever.  Fortunately the 85 speedlens doesn’t complain about any exposure like this. It is indisputable spectaculair where he catches any light in those circumstances, I tell you that!

The corporal’s wife

Because of the corporal’s stripes on her navy pea coat I assume her for a corporal’s wife, gazing over the sea, waiting for him to come home…



Meisje Surf III_-3



 Just enough footage for a small gallery though…

 Keep you updated soon!

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