Scheveningen’s Bonfire


Tonight this woodpile becomes a bonfire (vreugdevuur), together with a second pile about a kilometre up north, to usher in the new year. This is te pile of wood on the South-beach near Duindorp. She’s identical to the one up north at Scheveningen Beach, but created a bigger fire last year.

Now, from this position which is a favorite one of mine, you never shoot monochrome at amber-hour. Of course the entire sky isn’t amber on this hour, but because of the tele lens it looks like it.

Because I didn’t wanted to shoot an entire silhouette-serie I applied the high dynamic range-setting on my Fuji-X. In backlighting shots like these you seriously have to silhouette all other foreground-objects in Lr in order to keep the mystery. Dynamic Range really works well in backlight.

Duindorp’s Fire-stock



Vreugdevuur II-15


Vreugdevuur II-12


Vreugdevuur II-18














Vreugdevuur II-14Br









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Vreugdevuur II-8


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