On the Jetty

January 2nd was a windy and sunny day. Everybody goes out. My device for a windy sunny day: Keep calm and bring a camera!

Sun, wind and water provide the optimal opportunity to play with light. On the lighthouse-pics I tried to keep soft but contrasty. Lowered sharpness by two steps and increased highlights and shadows one or two steps in the quick menu. Despite of that I shot them in ISO 800 to maintain a Dynamic Range of about 400 because I like to keep the shadowy parts visible though…







..brought sharpness back again. +2 in this case.

Jetty-6 Ps


Sailing out






What I usually do in fierce light like this, is to put the highlights one or two stops down and push up shadows one or two (in the quick menu) and use a neutral EV. Now, despite of the available light I shoot with ISO 800 to maintain a maximum Dynamic Range of 400 in order to keep all body-contour accentuation visible. And to use shutter speeds above 1/2000th in order to freeze the water of course. Which is required on a 300mm/5.5 set on an aperture of about f11 to stay sharp.










This final picture shows us the size of the waves…



Keep you updated soon!

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