New Kids

Jump Around

Scheveningen Blvrd has new obstacles available since a few weeks. Which brings in new guests. New sports. And new photographs.

Now, anyone who has seen my monochromes, knows I like them contrasty, slightly under-exposed and warm processed.

Tried to capture some action with the Lensbaby though. A few I shot with the 85/1.4.

Tried to make a selection here, but it’s a kind of large one. If you’re interested in all of the pica’s in this series; please click here.


Freestyle Fav-4


Freestyle Fav


Freestyle Fav-5


Freestyle Fav-6


Freestyle Fav-7












You can click on a photo to open the carrousel below:

For those who are on it;

The complete album you can find here:

And thanks for the action!


 Keep you updated soon!

werkaandemuur foto


2 thoughts on “New Kids

  1. Its very very nice thanks for taking pictures of us. If you want more freerun photo’s of us you can contact me.


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