Charlotte & Olivia

Charlotte Sap

Two of my nieces and I went to the beachcombershouse last week to shoot some frames. Charlotte stated it’s about time for having her own casting-pictures. Olivia by contrast, has no aspirations (yet) and even disliked my camera on several occasions. Today however, she persisted to pose a little bit. Just like her older sister. I decided it would be nice to make it beachy and Mid-Westy at the same time.


Now here’s Charlotte (handling the 85/1.4). Charly is thirteen years old and plays hockey (goalie) guitar and piano.


And here’s Olivia. She is just seven years of age and plays hockey and cross flute.


Now, I never shot with flash before, if you don’t figure in the useless practice-photos I produced trying it out in my livingroom, so this was to be the first time. Outside and on a living human body. It’s not a Fujifilm integrated flash, so it can operate remote by trigger release if you like, but TTL is impossible on this model. Anyway, there’s nothing wrong with manual mode. Especially on Fuji X.










As you can see, not everything is flashed though. She sometimes just didn’t go off (do not worry, it’s a point of discussion as we speek between me and the flash).






The times I used flash I did it mainly on the Takumar Asahi 55/1.8







Keep you updated soon!







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