Pimped Pumpers

Mini Malibu 33

Checkout my latest refurbished skate-setup; A Mini Malibu 33″

Same size, same wheelbase and purpose as my mini pumper though, yet a different feel of ride…


Easy breezy


For cruiz’n up and down the boardwalk

Now this deck used to be a kick-tailed torpedo (photo below) of about 43 inches, on a set of horrible reversed kingpin trucks (RKP) which had a turning radius of a Cadillac Eldorado. The nice thing about it was the 7-ply bamboo deck because of its camber and wheelbase.

Genuine surf-stance

A flexy 7-ply concave deck like this provided the perfect platform for my plan to build a Mini Malibu shaped deck, which would lean and carve like crazy, and would be pumpable (no pushing required) as well.

The desire was to create a board that would feel like a surfboard (Malibu) and would offer a stance more to the rear (like you’re on the fin of your surfboard) instead of most pump-decks, where you stand on the nose-side of the deck. As far as I can find, this is never being done before. Now this is probably the first mini Malibu deck ever!

Porschey and surfy

When I started this project my future deck should become sporty, porschey, surfy, and above all; old-school, which resulted in this setup. The intension was a Porsche 901 inspired Malibu, and look what it brought me.

Now the funny thing is that longboard- and skateboard-decks are inspired by many surf-shapes like the pintail, fishtail and swallow for instance, but none of them shows me the shape of probably the most engaged surfboard-shape; The mini Malibu. Every surfer learned his first skills on this one!


My future deck should become sporty, porschey, surfy and traditional

Double barrel

Because I like TKP (traditional kingpins) anyways, (especially on a deck this size) and because I am used to lots of lean and turn on fat and beefy bushings, this deck is equipped with TKP’s of Sabre and Polar Bear. The 127mm Sabre up front carries a tall barrel bushing boardside, and a standard cone roadside. This relatively recently released truck is designed to be able to ride double-barreled if you like, whereas the kingpin doesn’t stick out too much of the hanger.


The Sabre is wedged 14 degrees and raised in order to prevent from wheelbite. Mind the camber of this deck.


The 127 Sabre with tall barrel boardside and full cone on top. Turns on a dime and leans from rail to rail.

The rear-truck is a 105mm Polar Bear with an extended 2.5″ kingpin (Paris) in order to ride double-barreled, since my rear truck shouldn’t turn as far as the front one, but offers plenty of lean instead. The inch of width-difference creates pumpability and equality of lean-force.


The KP is a Paris 2.5″. Mind the 7 degree wedge instead of de-wedging like most pumpers do. De-wedging increases top speed, but however increases acceleration. For top speed I have build the Mini Pumper earlier (next picture).

Single fin

The funny part is that she rides like a surfboard too. Instead of standing on the frontal part of the deck, this baby pumps best with your rear foot right on the ‘fin’-spot, (at the circle) and the front foot way back of the nose; just on the widest part of the deck, which is about 2/3.

Mini Pumper 33


This long distance pumper (LDP) is cut out of a 7-ply maple twintip droptrough in order to accomplish a wider front foot surface and the ability to top-mount the trucks and use very narrow wheelbases rear-side (flipping the rear wheels even increases top speed and grip). As well as to carry bigger wheelsizes in order to accomplish higher top speeds.


This board I pumped from Rotterdam to Scheveningen on a late saturday night once. It took me 35 kilometres of pure carving!


Now this board has a Bennett 5″ up front, using a mushy tall fat cone boardside, and a soft full (sometimes a tall) barrel roadside. Rear-truck is a double barreled Polar Bear as well. Designed to pump long distances and to stay carvey!

Before (2013)

Before (2013)

After (almost a hundred kilometres though)

After (…almost a hundred kilometres meanwhile)




70mm Retro ZigZags to create grip and to increase acceleration

I preserved the flip-side graph

I preserved the Californian flip-side graph


Mini Malibu 33″ x 8.5″ x 29.5″ WB. Bamboo 7 ply deck/front: Sabre 127 TKP x 14 degrees wedged – WFB tall barrel x WFB standard cone/ rear: Polar Bear 4.3″ Paris 2.5″ KP – 7 degrees wedged – double barrel

Keep you updated soon!!

klein sq


6 thoughts on “Pimped Pumpers

  1. Am about to cut down my Santa Cruz DT bamboo to make a mini-pumper. I have a Bennet -Vector for the front and a Paris ‘road-truck’ for the rear, Khiro bushings on both. Wheels will be Road Rider 70mm 78a duro with ….should be fun 🙂


    • Sounds good! Mind you that the Bennett can have a tall (19mm tall) barrel boardside, and if you replace the kingpin for a randall or bear-kingpin, you can as well place a full barrel roadside! It has less thread on the bolt, so the bushings won’t be destroyed.
      With a yellow Reflex barrel combination, or a yellow Riptide WFB barrel combi you’ll be surfing up steep rising asphalt!

      Have fun! Bennets are awesome!


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