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This is about street-photography & stills at Scheveningen and around. The bloke with the finger on the shutter-button is me, Sebastiaan. You can checkout more pics at G+, but here on WordPress you can find out what I am doing and thinking about while doing it.

I have a preference for contrasty monochromes and deep colored-pics, and I generally try to achieve all visual effects by old-school photographic techniques like composition, perspective, filters, saturation, exposure, aperture and shutter-speeds.

For long time I shot with a Panasonic Lumix which is equipped with a leica Vario Elmarit zoom-lens f2.8 to 4.4. It’s a bridge-camera, but I like small and simple. Nowadays I am privileged to work with an APS-C sensor and some nice prime-lenses in the form of a Fuji X.

Have a look at my posts here, and leave a comment on a post if you like.

About me

Hi there. I am Sebastiaan and Scheveningen is my habitat. Photography is my hobby, law is my study, surfin and cycling my sport, legal assistance part of my work and horses are my roots.



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